The Story of Putu

As the monsoon crosses Chhattisgarh, entire forest bloom with these colorless flower, trunk of the trees become more textured and the green cover of the leaves get disturbed. these having numerous varieties and values, but why is it so important in Chhattisgarh.


Para Putu (Portobello Mushroom)

As among these endless mushrooms, chhattisgarhi’s have there own unique names for them, the above picture is PARA PUTU ( portobello mushrooms), para is word for rice chaff (the left cut part of rice). Grown on rice chaff by itself wothout seeding. Para Putu is 300 Rs. a kg. costlier than the others.

Buttures Putu (Buttone Mushroom)

Bean like mushroom is well known as BUTTURES PUTU (button mushroom), they grow in forests abundantly. In spring season, whole family wakes up at 6 am and travel far inside the forests to collect putus, and next day travel to sale in the town. this is cheaper, 100 Rs per kg.


vehicle LUNA

Loaded in two wheeler truck, which can also carry three elephants simultaneously. we call it  LUNA. Tribes arrive at city in morning hours loaded with three-four sacks and ready capture there spots.


This family have 3 Putu bags, collected last day and today for sale. perhaps some will be left at the end of the day.


Beautifully arranged in market, early before people start visiting market. price is decided by men of the families after reaching a consensus.


then start waiting…


A tiny ordinary plant which covers entire planet, but this is not ordinary for a many people those live in forests, those do not have access to work. monsoon is a gift to these tribes, to earn a handful money.

here are some exotic recipes of mushroom


This easy and quick Shahi Mushroom recipe is an aromatic process of shallow fried button mushrooms cooked in a rich and creamy gravy with butter, ghee and a shahi garam masala. A perfect dish for a sumptuous dinner party.




Mushroom 65 is a quick and easy tea time snack recipe. Mushrooms coated in a delicious Indian spice batter and deep fried until crisp.






The Boursin cheese gives the omelet an incredible creaminess. A great brunch/breakfast dish. I prefer a blend of exotic mushrooms and I like to serve this with toast.”

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