Karma Dance

Karma Nrittya (Dance) is Considered as one of the oldest forms of LOK-NRITYA. It is widely popular in the northern region of Chhattisgarh. It is also known as Karma Nach.

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The tribal group presents this folk dance in front of Karam tree that symbolizes the Karam Devta (god) or Karamseni to make him happy. People start celebrating this dance usually after Vijaya Dashmi and continue to next Rany season.

Men and women dance to the tunes of the instruments like Thumki, Chhalla, Payri and Jhumki. The drum locally known as ‘timki’ is used as the main musical instrument and the dancers dance enthusiastically on the beats of timki. It is placed on the ground between the dancers. The dancers move their feet in perfect rhythm and in to and fro style. The men leap forward during the dance, whereas the women in the group bend low near the ground. They form a circle and put their arms around the waist of the next dancer and continue dancing in a rhythmic manner.The dancers wear ethnic costumes and jewelery. There are many sub-varieties of Karma dance that include the Jhumar, Ektaria, Lahaki, Sirki and many more.

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Karma Dance is very popular in Gond, Baiga, Orao, Binjhwar and many tribes, Usually, they reside in Korba, Surguja, Jashpur, Bilaspur, and Kavrdha of Chhattisgarh. also in some other state Odisa, Madhyapradesh and Jharkhand.

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