Talagao – Devrani Jethani Temple

The story of Talagao was started with two queens, who were the devotees of shiva, their love and imagination towards shiva has compelled the kings, to build a two unique elegant temples. These stunning temples located at 30 km from Bilaspur, posses unending stories through the partially eroded stones. The placid Maniyari river behind the …

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Shivrinarayan- the old city

Shivrinarayan”, the word itself shows inclination toward Lord Shiva and Lord Narayana, is a city that is holding religious values since age, The town is located at confluence of three rivers: Mahandi, Shivnath and Jonk, in Janjgir-Champa district. The streets of the town are being decorated with numerous temples Those thousands of years old, temples are the …

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